Personal Online Privacy & Digital Security

4 Hours Online Handson Workshop Exclusively designed for CEO/CFO/CHO/CTO/Entrepreneurs/Directors.

Registration Fee – Rs.3999/-

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Why Attend This Workshop ?

During your regular browsing session there are anywhere between 2,000-3,000 third party trackers trying to snatch your data or attack your system with malware.

You are being tracked by companies even if you never signed up for their services.

The problem isn’t just that your every clicks and moves are closely monitored but they are also stored, copied and sold thousands of times around the world, profiling you with algorithms you have no control over.

 So how to stay invisible and protect yourself from becoming a victim of social engineering?

The answer for this and several other such questions lies in our upcoming online workshop

“Personal Online Privacy & Digital Security”

Packed with step-by-step methodology and presentations, this workshop will teach how to stay anonymous online, how to prevent private and public entities from gathering data on you and how to protect your online privacy against hackers; without any programming skills.

“Don’t be a victim of social engineering; Make yourself hackproof”

What You Will Learn?

  • how to become invisible from online
  • Complete hands-on how to identify and remove personal information from the internet
  • Learn how to secure your personal devices
  • Combination of OSINT & Privacy tricks
  • how to restrict personal information being shared without your consent                                                                                                                                                                                           And Many More…

Who Is It For?


for anyone who wants to have full control over how their information is used on social media and also on the web in general


anyone who wants to avoid online dangers such as hacks to your PC, identity theft, stolen passwords, and more..

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